I’m Kiss’ Tint – Tony Moly


I’m Lipstick #01

Tony moly kiss tint lips tony moly lip stick

Kiss’ Tint Marker lipgloss by Tony Moly

kiss tint marker kiss tint code 01


The lip tint packaging is in a black plastic cylinder with a net wt: 3.5 g

I got this as a gift from my girlfriend a few days ago and I’m super happy to share this lovely kiss’ tint lip gloss with you.

photo tony moly closed up marker lip tint

Look how pretty the color is? Incredibly cute and who wouldn’t want to have this in their purse? Three in one combo formula of brown, pink and fuchsia.

color swatch ingredient

Color Swatch #01 is made in Korea.

I just love how extra smooth this lip tint is and the way it glides on my lips are fabulous. It has such good pigmentation and offers lovely dewy finish. It’s not gloppy and sticky or shinny. Makes my lips envious of my lips (giggling!!!)

bare lips lip tint kiss

Bare Lips                                                               I’ve Fabulous Lips

This unexpected pop of vibrant shade can blow you away. It claims “will breath new life into any makeup look”. Fabulous color that has smooth and soft texture with incredibly high pigments. It’s very moist and doesn’t feel sticky on lips.

I’m loving my Kiss’ Tint lipstick right now as I write and I’m going to love it for many months to come. I don’t think I’m going to stop getting this lip tint and will definitely get more shades next. Kiss-ably lip tint that’s soft all winter long.

What color shade would you like to see me wear or get? Kindly leave comment below.

Thank you guys for staying around to read.

Sharon xoxo



4 comments on “I’m Kiss’ Tint – Tony Moly”

  1. I never heard of that brand before !!!
    Sharon I would like to ask you a question , yesterday I changed my wordpress.com for .com , could you tell me if you can still see my post of the Too Faced Glitter Glaze in your reader that I posted yesterday ???
    Thanks xoxo


    1. Tony Moly is a Korean brand and cosmetic brands in Asia has been moving in to North America since BB cream. You can find this product at C&C Korean Cosmetic since you are in Canada.
      Yes, I can see your post in my reader. I put a like there so you know that I’ve read it ;x

      Liked by 1 person

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