LORAC PRO Palette Review & Swatches


Yoo!Hooo!!! My wish for a Lorac Pro Palette eyeshadow comes through. I received a package in my mail today and I’m super excited to share my thoughts on. It’s on Lorac‘s online website and it’s selling for $42.00 with net wt: 0.32 oz.

Lorac palette packaging lorac pro

This palette also comes with a Mini Behind the Scene Eye Primer. There are 16 eyeshadow colors in the palette ranging from light to darkest shades.

lorac pro and eye primer lorac eye primerswatch eye primer color swatches lorac

I did a swatch for the eye primer as well as the color swatches for the eyeshadows. The eye primer is creamy and has rich coverage. I find that with this eye primer, the eyeshadows seems to hold up and blend even better. I honesty don’t usually apply eye primer for my lids but with this cute little tube Lorac behind the scenes eye primer, I got to try it, right! Which I did! (giggle!!!)

light shades dark shades

The color swatches on these shadows doesn’t seems to appear very vibrant especially the light shades of white/cream/taupe/lt pink/ mauve on the top section and nude/champagne and lt bronze were pretty pale. The white/cream and pink looked very similar in pinkish tone while the nude/champage/taupe and mauve have quite the same similarity as well in terms of the peachy tones.

I really love the gold/pewter/garnet/deep purple and slate in the darker shades of shimmer and sable/expresso and black in matte finish.

palette colors colors of Lorac pro

They were all beautiful colors and I really love the rich pigments of these formula. As the weather turns colder, my makeup choice seems to be leaning towards to a little bit of shimmery and glittery shadow palettes. Probably also because of the holiday seasons but for now I’ll be wearing more shimmer makeup look.

closed up shadow look finish lorac pro eyelook

For the price of $42.00 a palette for a high end eyeshadow, I believe it is reasonably price. It has beautiful 16 color shadows and they are all wearable. The light shades can be wore for daytime and the more shimmer ones for a night out. The quality of this product is amazing and it’s very easy to carry since it’s very light and a nice size mirror for me to check my beautiful eyes when needed.

The eyeshadow look – I used the sample Lorac Pro eye primer which was included in the packaging. The color shades I used for this look were the Garnet for the lids, Deed Purple for the crease and Lt Bronze as highlighter. Finished it with my Prestige waterproof eyeliner in Granite. I didn’t wear the mascara yet for this look because I wanted to focus on the eyeshadows more. Lovely, isn’t it!!!

Which color shades do you like best from this shadow palette?

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo





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