Visible Lift Smooth Absolute by L’oreal

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Happy Saturday friends!

Today, I really wanted to talk about foundations. I have been trying many different foundations and some had successfully becomes my favorites. I picked this L’oreal lift smooth foundation because it was on discounted price and I really like the nice packaging.

l'oreal visible lift smooth absolutel'oreal visible lift

It has a silky brush attached to the bottle and dispense the formula while twisting the base. The brush makes it quite handy to bring anywhere but the cons is that it’s difficult to clean the brush after used. Meaning after a few uses it might becomes gunked-up brush that gives streaky application the next time.

foundation brush 170 natural beige

The liquid formula will ooze out from the brush after a few twisting and turning on the base. Then I just apply it directly onto my skin and blended it with the brush. This formula goes evenly. It gives a nice dewy finish that’s soft, luminous but not shinny. It’s good for all skin type except oily skin. My skin does feels light and the finishing was incredible. Love this product.

This foundation has a medium coverag but yet what’s impressive is that it’s feels so skin-like. The good news is that it can be built up to full coverage without looking cakey and depending on how much to apply. It so lightweight and seems like not wearing any foundation at all.

There were eight impressive shades from fair to medium to pick. It has a long lasting wear for hours without it turning orange and there’s not sign of fading when wearing this foundation. It’s selling for $15.95 online.

I would recommend it to anyone who loves the feeling of skin-like foundation on their skin. I have tried many different foundations and I really love this one.

Have you tried any drugstore foundations which pleasing to you?

Thank you for reading.

Sharon xoxo






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