3 Winged Eyeliner Look


Hey guys! It’s Thursday already and weekend is just around the corner.  As I was watching some youtubers talking about their makeup tips. I thought of doing a look which I wanted to do for a long time. There are many sorts of way people use to make a winged eye look but I’m going to share with you my way of doing this 3 winged eye look. Below are the 3 steps which I used to create a perfect  and lovely 3 winged eyelooks. Today, is all about 3 – 3 winged eyes, 3 steps and 3 makeup products only.

marcelle eyelinerMarcelle makeup

Marcelle Kajal Khol eyeliner in Blackest Black (Net wt: 0.08 oz)

Marcelle Eyeshadow Quad in Jungle Fever (Net wt: 0.16 oz)

Essence Long Lasting eyeliner in 05, C’est La View (Net wt:0.01 oz)

1st step (11)

1st step (12)

I started by applying my eye concealer on top of the entire eyelid and under my eyes to conceal the dark circles under my eyes.

Step 1: Apply using the liner along the upper and lower lash line to form the outer corner. Start to glide it from the inner corner, and making it to the outer corner with a thin line stroke. I tried making the line thicker at the outer corner.

1st step (13)

Step 2: Repeat the same step as above. Start from inner corner to outer corner and near to the lash lines. I did a reversed winged liner method in order to form 2 winged eyeliners. Clean uneven edges or mistake with Q-tips.

1st step (15)

1st step (22)

I use the long lasting eyeliner under my eyes by following the lower liner in step 2. This is to make my eyes looks more pop. That’s the 2 winged eyeliner look and we finished the two steps.

1st step (31)

Step 3: By using the Jungle Fever eyeshadow, I apply the darkest green shadow on the eyelids and then pull the shadow longer to the outer corners. For a more daring look, I blend 2-3 times the darkest green on and the effect is a Wwwow!

1st step (38)

So, there you have it. An easy steps to create a 3 winged eyeliner look which is alluring, sultry and bold look.

1st step (36)

I like this look and plan to wear them with a sorcerer costume and I’m ready for this Halloween. This is an intense and dramatic look that sure will make some heads turning. For next neutral winged eyeliner look, I’ll have it in my next blog. Please thumbs up if you like to see me do it 🙂

What type of winged eyeliner style have you tried? Please comment below.

As usual, thank you so much for reading.

Sharon xoxo



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