Dream Matte Mousse Foundation by Maybelline


DSC01061Maybelline Dream color swatch

A months ago at Walmart, I picked up this Matte Mousse foundation by Maybelline in Honey Beige (Medium 4). Net wt: 0.64 oz.

I tried this on and totally liked it. It felt feathery light and blends impeccably and it has a smooth whipped texture. It’s like not wearing any foundation at all. This mousse foundation is very soothing and it sets incredibly well. I blend it with my fingers instead of brush and gently work it over my face. I have been wearing this for a month and I loved it.

before foundation

It is recommended to always prepped the base before putting any foundation on. For those who has oily skin, you may skipped this step.

Coverage can go from sheer to medium and this foundation allows for built-up by layering to full coverage without looking cake-y or heavy finish. It makes skin feels wonderfully smooth and soft.

after makeup with foundation

I got many compliments for my smooth skin wearing this foundation. My face does looked more youthful and most importantly looking fresh.

Walmart has a wide range of skin shades to pick from. Sixteen of them to be precised. Of the shades available, there were options for light or dark tone. Available shades from Porcelain Ivory #1 (Light) to Toffee Dark 0 (Dark). That’s a lot of choices.

Always, make sure to get the right color shades according to each person undertone. I’m glad I found my undertone and 89% of the time I’m accurate in getting the right color shade for my skin tone. Porcelain Ivory is a good shade for fair skin tone while cocoa is a deep brown for medium dark skin tone.

Maybelline NY. you did it again, to come up with this amazing product. I just loved it. I feel fresh and great every time I wear it.

Product is reasonably priced for a drugstore brand. Packaging is adorable in a glass jar. The drawback is that the lid has to be properly closed to avoid drying up.

Which is your favorite foundation by far?

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Have a great day!






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