Barley There vs Sparkling Miracle by Essence


essence lipsticks (2)

Hi guys, today I like to share with you these awesome lipsticks which I got from a local Shoppers Drug Mart. Just loved the high pigmented formula on each other of them. They glides on so smooth and nice. Oh yes, you can see on my next blog that I will post these lipsticks with other Essence products (my Under $5.00 High Street Beauty Must Haves!).

Essence lipsticks #

The color I picked up is in 06 on Barley There and this one is a long lasting lipstick as the tag says and in 12 on Sparkling Miracle Made in Germany.

essence lipstick color swatch

I will start with this Sparkling Miracle lipstick. When I made the color swatch , I just loved the smooth glides and how pigmented it was. This is the first lipstick I saw at the Essence’s shelves until I saw this Long Lasting lipsticks which has much more color selections. I am sure that there were 10 different color shades available.

essence glitter lipstickSparkling Miracle #12

Anyways, this one that I got is moist and has lots of shimmer and glitter when I applied on swatch. It has a very sweet candy scents on this one that I purchased. The moisture doesn’t leaves my lips feeling tacky. But what I dislike about is the glittery ingredients which does bothers me a little bit. It’s just has too must glitter or blings. After I rubbed it off, it still leaves my mouth with glitters. For those who likes blings and glitters this lipstick may just be the right one for you.

essence matte lipstickBarley There! #06

On the other hand, I am more of a matte finish fans. I like this semi-matte nude lipstick finish. It’s like love at first sight. I can’ help but picked up two shades and going for more. It’s unbelievable soft and the colors were simply gorgeous. I has rich pigment and this is a high street lipsticks that I will be using for this coming winter. I just found out from their website that these long lasting lipstick is one of the product that will be discontinued. Oh! oh! I better hurry to pick a few more colors before it’s gone.

The price for these lipsticks were so affordable and imagine the quality that it offers. The one thing in common for these two lipsticks are the prices and that these lipsticks doesn’t have leave color stains except for the glitters. For me a few hours of long lasting wear is good enough for me.

Did you owned any of Essence’s lipsticks? If yes which one and don’t forget to leave the comment below.

My next blog post will be <Under $5 high street beauty must haves> and <Friday Beauty Haul>!

Thank you for stopping by.

Sharon xoxo





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