Maybelline Fit Me Foundation|Review


Maybelline Fit me

This is one of my latest Maybelline foundation and I have been loving it so far. I like the consistency of the texture and it smells real amazing. It has sheer to medium coverage and it blends so well. I have no problem blending it and just love the soft and smooth feeling on my skin. It provides a very natural looking coverage. Once the foundation sets, I would say that it gives a semi-matte finishing or dewy finish which by the way not oily. If you have combination oily skin, then using it with Maybelline Fit Me Powder will do the trick of covering the dewy finish to matte finish.

Maybelline fit me swatch

The color swatch in 315 Soft Honey seems a little bit orange-y tone. I was shocked at first glance when I did the color swatch but once I tried it, I just love it. One warning is that this foundation tends to changed color once it’s on your skin – due to oxidation. On my buffing brush the shade is similar as the color swatch above and it blended out amazingly. This foundation sets quite quickly. Therefore, I have to say, my vote of satisfaction for this product is absolute. There are many different color shades to choose and make sure to spend some time to test the shades before getting them.


The other side of the coin is that it claims to have SPF 18, but the sunscreen doesn’t seems to have an adequate UVA protection for the skin. Losing some of the important ingredients of making the sunscreen better. Note: Shades # 330, 340, and 360 do NOT have sunscreen.

I like the glass bottle packaging but I would prefer that the top bottle opening has a pump applicator. I’m clumsy at times and tend to drop my makeup or accidentally pour out too much liquid especially when I’m in a hurry. But other than the lower SPF, I’m finding true love with Maybelline Fit Foundation.

My 2 cents of this foundation is that it has excellent quality and great value for money. I might say that i’s quite close to the Makeup Forever dupe foundation. I will definitely repurchase. Love it!

I would love to know what color shades will you get?

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo


4 comments on “Maybelline Fit Me Foundation|Review”

    1. Sorry to say it’s not Revlon but Maybelline Fit Me Foundation. Revlon Colorstay has a little bit thicker texture than this one. Getting the right shade may be tricky but test them first before buying. Thanks for stopping by. xoxo


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