Sally Hansen Nail Polish – My First Impression

My Pure Ice color nails have came off and I’m now wearing the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails polish in 560 Tough Taupe color. I got mine at Wal-mart and I believe Target has them too. Since now it’s the autumn season I’m doing this taupe color just because…

There are 36 other colors available and all has it’s brillant shine on. It has a great selection of colors shades.  I love bright color shade and also the dark solid color nail polish. I usually avoid putting the pale color nail polish because it makes my hands looked darker somehow.


sally hansen nail polish brush and texture thick texture

The texture for this nail polish is quite thick and the brush is thin. So, it may cause the paint to be uneven when applying it on. I did 2 coatings using this Tough Taupe and it’s opaque already. I can still see some brush lines on my fingernails.

The downside of this nail polish is the brush and the thick texture that makes it hard to blend the paint evenly. It seems to dry up reasonably quick but the more layer you put the longer time it will take to dry. Hard as Nails – I know some may think that nail polishes can harden their fingernails so that won’t break that easily. But in my opinion, beside using this as a solution for fingernails breakage, eating a healthy balanced diet and omega 3 oils may help reduce your risk of weak fingernails.

nail polis tough taupe sally hansen polish

So far, I’m liking the color but as far as the texture is concern I am quite sceptical of getting another nail polish  on Hard as Nails. I may look for other type of nail polish from Sally Hansen but I’ll probably shy away from this one.

Well, I’m going to wear this since I have already put them on. My only hope is that the color will last me for a week or so. It does make my hand looks pretty and I’m glad I chose this color. All I need now is a beige color pants and a dark blue blouse to go and show off this gorgeous nail color.

What is your favorite color nail polish?

Thank you for reading.






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