A Beautiful Autumn @ Parc Régional de la Rivière-du-Nord, Quebec

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Yesterday, the weather was incredibly nice for autumn season. We are fortunate and feel blessed to receive yesterday as it was such a beautiful and gorgeous day for autumn. The past two weeks had been cold but yesterday, because of the suprisingly warm weather everyone seems to be out and everywhere to enjoy this wonderful day.

And, I can’t wait to share some of the sceneries that I took while I was there and about.

Autumn Leaves - St Jerome Park autumn leaves DSC02293 Autumn leavesby the river by the dam autumn leaves (2) a pair of ducks searching for food autumn leaves (3) on the bridge DSC02338 autumn leaves (4)

Today, is here for all of us on earth. Tomorrow will be another brand new day. For let us be thankful for what we have today and give back what belongs to tomorrow.

“Autumn, autumn, autumn come what may. I shall embrace you with all my heart. For you are gentle to love and ever so kind to nature. You are my favorite season of all.”

Where is your favorite place to visit in Autumn?

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