Last Chance/Taupe of Drawer by Pure Ice nail polish

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Pure Ice Nail Polish (2)Pure Ice nail polish

Happy Mondayyyy Beauties! … Last weekend, I spent sometime having fun playing with some of these nail polish which I got from Wal-mart for less than $2.00.  I grabbed these two fantastic colors in Taupe of Drawer in watermelon and Last Chance in purple. I think Pure Ice has 55 different color selections to choose from. They also have very cute and quirky names : ))


Taupe Drawer PUre IceLast Chance Pure Ice

The brush is thin and slim. The formula is okay in general. Not too thick nor too thin. I find the cube glass packaging adorable. The price is so cheap I wouldn’t expect much for something which cost so little. To me, for a nail polish that won’t chirp on me for less than 3 days is good enough and these nail polish has proved themselves worthy of me getting a few more colors for fall. The last time I wore them, it lasted me for about five days and I’m happy so far. Let’s face it, sometimes there are wear and tear and that goes too for nail polish.

I agree that the first coating is sheer and double coating will have a nicer look. Applying them too thick, if more than two layers might be more prone to chirping. The downside of it is that it takes a longer time to dry. So, patience is a must.

Pure Ice nail color look

I would hope and love if these nail polish lasted longer but if you plan to just wear it for an evening out or catach a movie than, it would be just right. On the photo, I applied the nail colors in a pattern style. Hope you guys like it!

Oh yes, Pure Ice also came out with their 3 in 1 Top Coat which is selling at Wal-mart. Thought you might want to know.  Please let me know if you would like me to make a review for this One Stop Shop (3 in 1 Top Coat).

3 in 1 top coat pure ice
photo courtesy of Pure Ice


What is your favorite Pure Ice nail color?

Thank you for reading!

xoxo Sharon




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