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Question Tuesday| How do you clean off your false eyelashes?

    Q1: How do you clean off your false eyelashes so they can be re-used? I dunk my sponge in my eye makeup remover and then gently clean. Q2: How do you know when it’s time to throw out the lashes?   My tip is to toss them out if: the lashes start falling off them you… Continue reading Question Tuesday| How do you clean off your false eyelashes?

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Makeup Revolution MATTE Lipsticks- Review & Swatches

  Hey guys! Hope you week if off to a great start. Another new Makeup Revolution London review today, at least to me! A few weeks ago, I ordered some beauty products online and here are one of the many I got. For some of you, you might’ve seen it appeared on my Instagram feed. But here is the gist,… Continue reading Makeup Revolution MATTE Lipsticks- Review & Swatches

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Day to Night Lash Sensation Mascara

  Hey everyone! Hope you all are doing great. Today, I want  to share with you a review that I’ve been working on for quite sometime. Since I haven’t talk much on mascara, I thought now is a good time to do it. So, awhile back as I was shopping for some hair products, I… Continue reading Day to Night Lash Sensation Mascara

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My Beauty Madness Wednesday|BH Wild At Heart Baked Eyeshadow Palette|Review

Originally posted on Hey Sharonoox:
It’s August already and see how time flies. The weather is still scorching hot and I’m not going to lie if I said I do wish for some rain! Anyways, makeup is more fun to talk about so that’s what I’m going to talk about on My Beauty Madness Wednesday (I talked…

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Clinique Beauty – Review & Swatches

  Hey guys! Hope you’re all doing great and enjoying summer so far. I  wanted to talk about Clinique beauty products today. I had this delivered to my mailbox many moons ago actually and you’d probably have seen me posted it on Instagram. But since I’ve just came back from vacation and had tried these products… Continue reading Clinique Beauty – Review & Swatches

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Question Tuesday| Are You Cleansed from Digital Detox?

  When I was on my one week vacation it’s also the start of my digital detox. Which means no internet, no phones, no TV, no iPads and nothing. I know I’ve been on the internet and using everything digital too much. So, this time I wanted to take the opportunity to just go back in… Continue reading Question Tuesday| Are You Cleansed from Digital Detox?

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Face Off- First Impression Review

  Hey everyone! I’m back from my vacation after a week off blogging. Super excited to share this post today. A few weeks ago I was contacted by a PR company called ChizComm Ltd to send me this sample for consideration. I’ve heard mixed reviews on youtube and was curious to find out for myself… Continue reading Face Off- First Impression Review